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What We Offer


We have presented a couple of web applications that rely heavily on the Autodesk Forge platform, resulting from the hard-working TeamCAD’s development team. TeamCAD is only Autodesk Forge Certified Systems Integrator in South-Eastern Europe. Forge is Autodesk’s cloud development platform – a set of web service APIs you can use to build innovative, cloud-powered applications. By using the Autodesk Forge technology, TeamCAD has successfully developed and launched Cloud solutions for BIM (Building Information Modeling), Facility Management, Product Configuration, and Product Data Management

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Our Apps

We have developed a unique cloud app for employee attendance tracking and energy saving.

Each employee receives a Tag-key which, by attaching it to the reader, the system reports the employee's arrival and calculates when his working day ends. When the last employee signs out, the PORTER turns off all lights and sockets, preventing unnecessary consumption of electricity.

Shopping mall „SAD NOVI BAZAAR“ is situated in the center of the Novi Sad city, at the beginning of the pedestrian area and is considered as one of the top shopping spots. The building is spread on 4 levels and 9.000 square meters of commercial real estate.

We have created the first phase of the building`s Digital Twin model and use several other newest technologies, which enable the user to view and move throughout the Digital Twin object, using just an internet browser. There is no need whatsoever to install any type of 3D software.

VR presentation of the "Sad Novi Bazaar" Shopping Mall is a visually immersive, accurate, and interactive 3D model of a real-world space. Advanced visualization along with VR equipment makes considerably richer the virtual environment. If you want to rent business space for example, you can simply take a walk through the Digital Twin model using just an internet browser, and to find out what its space looks like all with exact dimensions.  

BIM Real Estate is web application developed by TeamCAD. Application using Autodesk Revit BIM model, combined with external database. Building owner have access to database, and all changes are reflected on 3D model. On that way, potential customers always have accurate information about available apartments in given moment. The first implemented building in The BIM Real Estate app is residential building in Đevđelijska Street in Belgrade. The investor of the building is GP Zlatibor-Gradnja a.d., and the architect is Ivana Milinković.


Internet of Things

Web application based on BIM 3D model and data it receives from different sensors in real-time. According to the current room temperature, they change color on the display.  

The application supports control over electrical devices, so it automatically shuts down all of the air conditioners after registering that all employees have left the office.   

Also, based on the water sensor data, the application automatically orders new supplies of water for the office. 


Xella Web Catalog

BIM web catalog of building materials by well-known German manufacturer Xella.  

Based on the user's specific type of wall, and then sub-type of material, interactive 3D model is displayed in the central part of the screen along with a table. The table contains all of the main data for the selected material such as price and official PDF documents. Also, there is Revit BIM library ready to download and used on projects.  

Just like some other projects, using this catalog requires internet connection and an internet browser without any additional software.   


Kitchen Configurator

We have realized that there is an opportunity to speed up the process of creating kitchen furniture if we could enable the users to handle the part of the workflow on their own.

This part of the journey is all about the dimensions of the kitchen elements and other visual representations such as the configuration of the fronts, materials, etc. 

After this initial step and with the help of the app that renders the Autodesk Inventor 3D model and technical documentation, the professionals can then add all the necessary elements so these kitchen elements can function properly in the real world.

Also, after this final step, they are ready for production.


Wall Shelf Configurator

The idea for creating this app came from the necessity to enable users to build the wall shelves on their own without the necessity to engage interior designers or architects. In this way, they will have a complete wall shelf project and technical documentation ready for production. If needed, professionals can interfere before the process of production and use the built 3D model to make enhancements.

While new apps and solutions are being made in the TeamCAD’s development kitchen, we would like to use this opportunity and invite you to contact us, so we can present the, virtually unlimited, possibilities of the Autodesk Forge technology, and show you a tailor-made solution that can be developed for your specific needs.

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