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Model validation is a set of processes and activities aimed at model verification. Validity of the model is checked in various aspects. The model complies with all required regulations and standards. The goal of the model is to make predictions about the data. If the model has not been validated properly then it would not be able to perform well on the unseen data which is the ultimate purpose of a predictive model. 

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BIM Coordination helps general contractors (GCs) and all the specialty trades work together in discovering construction conflicts before they become major issues.  The coordination process validates each contractor’s design to eliminate conflicts in a virtual 3D model prior to construction. We have a team dedicated exclusively to BIM coordination with experience working on projects of all kinds, large or small, regardless of the discipline. It's proven that a good BIM implementation with thorough coordination drastically reduces mistakes and guarantees a smooth construction process.



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Clash detection is a critical part of the integrated BIM modeling process. BIM modeling involves creating a comprehensive master model that includes design models from different disciplines of engineering design. Navisworks is the best BIM-adopted software in the market useful for Clash Detection and Clash Report Generation. BIM makes it possible to create detailed clash reports during the design stage itself. Modern 3D graphics truly made the clash detection process streamlined and full-proof. Architects and designers can now detect clashes during the earliest stages of design.



Standards compliance in BIM is the process of ensuring that the BIM models and associated data meet the established industry standards. Services associated with standards compliance include model validation, data validation, model coordination, and quality assurance. Model validation involves verifying that the BIM models meet the current standards, while data validation ensures that the associated data is accurate and complete. Model coordination ensures that the models are compatible with each other, while quality assurance checks that the models and data meet the required levels of quality. Ensuring standards compliance helps to ensure that the models and data are usable by other stakeholders and that the models and data can be exchanged between different systems.

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It is our pleasure to present the TeamCAD BIM eBook showcasing the previous articles written by our special BIM associate Mr. Predrag Jovanovic.

Besides the texts that you might have already read on our website, you can also find the articles about TeamCAD and our BIM and Digital Twins projects.

It is a great pleasure to meet the TeamCAD team. They have significantly upgraded the tools for growing our company. Besides that, they are exceptionally fast and efficient in answering our questions, dilemmas... A team to commend.

Dražen Balaževič, Tehnical Manager 

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